The design of company specific workshops are very much dependent on the strategical intent for the workshop. This will have an effect on the content, the time spent on the workshop and the amount of people participating.

The workshop has been developed from the research work by Professor Geert Hofstede, in which he built a 6 dimensional model, the 6-D Model© of country cultures. The model offers a generally applicable system of concepts as a basis for understanding specific cultural characteristics of individual countries and their influence on the structure of organisations and organisational behaviour, and the way people are motivated and guided.

To support the workshop the 6 Culture Clusters© is used to outline the different perceptions people have about their organisations in the 6 country clusters that have been identified. Understanding the different perceptions enables us to predict what such differences mean in terms of various aspects of organisational practice. These aspects include motivation, teamwork, how to be an effective boss, how to manage change and another 40 aspects and their consequences in the 6 cultural clusters© that have been assessed.